Technology areal Trstená
Mastushita electrics components
Slovakia s.r.o.
Scameast Dolný Kubín
Gas station Agrostav
project 2000 realization 2001
It is expandion of a huge technology areal for Matsushita Panasonic in a northeast industrial part of the city Trstená. Areal consist of a production, administrative and storage facilities designed for producting components for electronical industry.
project 2000 realization 2000
Expandion of an areal for Scameast Slovakia situated in the north industrial part of Dolný Kubín. There was also redesigned the administrative building.
project 1996 realization 1997
This gas station is situated in the industrial areal of Agrostav and it complement it´s portfolio of services. Gas station with it´s design absorbs remarks of travellers and it is one of the accented points on this road to Poland.