Andrej Hlinka crypt
Fountain on Andrej Hlinka Square
Tax office Námestovo
project 1992 realization 1993
Former crypt was build in the beginning of the 50´s of the 20-th century. Because of use of fauly concrete and bad maintenance the crypt was nearly destroyed. Reconstruction leads to complex rebuilding of the bearing system and also to creating new interior.
project 1996 realization 1997
Situated on the bank of the Orava water reservoir. It had difficult condition for foundating on an bulk ground. It is an important orientation point in the city. It is used for informing tourists in that region.
project 1995 realization 1996
Redesign and vertical extension of a former administrative building situated on the north end of the city. It was necessary to create new dominant of that area. It includes regional law court and head office of Agrostav.