Grocery shop MIX Rabča
Jednota SD Námestovo
Grocery shop MIX Námestovo
Jednota SD Námestovo
Catholic High school center
Banská Štiavnica
project 1999 realization 2000
Redesign and expansion of an existing grocery shop as an part of an shopping center, situated in the central part of Rabča village. It accents this central part and it is one of the domintnat on the central square.
project 2000 realization 2001
Object is a part of a basic civil amenities in Námestovo - part Čerchle. It´s former loan had difficult traffic and orientation conditions, which required bigger concentration on a disposition and architectonic solution of the building.
competition 1998
Urban - architectonic study of Catholic High school center with study rooms, living of the students, dining hall and relaxation spaces. One part of this complex is an catholics parish residence. It had difficult conditions for designing, because of the historic centre of the city, which is a part of an UNESCO cultural heritage.