This is GAM
major works
  production facilities
  service centres
  office buildings
  hotels, pensions
  recreational facilities
  residential buildings
  culture buildings
  interior design
  park architecture
  urban planning
we offer
  urban planning
  complex constructions
  project reparation
  interior design

Is a sythetis of utilitar demands, technical and financial possibilities, environmental conditions -genius loci - and theirs creations into a building like a fine and technical art.

Many stil think that aesthetics as in the contrast with functionality. That is the mistake, the opposite is duty. Each contstruction means expenses of several milions. It is not indolent, echo and how he will usse these means, how he is able to use and evaluate them.

Visual comunication company image - corporate identity, these are the categories that influence the success. We work with them. We offer complex solution, from study to a project realisation, from logo to the product design.


It is not just a roof above the head. It is our micro-world, formed by our own feelings and imaginations. And that is a motto of our work - individual access, individuality of architecture.